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Should I have the house surveyed?

What is a Survey Report and Should I get a Survey when purchasing a house?

One question you should ask yourself when purchasing a house, is should I get a survey report.

A survey report is carried out by a registered surveyor. The surveyor will attend the property, measure the site and map out the land that you are purchasing and any buildings on that land.

The survey will identify any encroachments by or on the land. It will ensure that the house that you are purchasing is on the land that you are purchasing.

A survey report will show the position of any fences and note any fencing encroachments (minor or otherwise). The report will also measure the distances of any walls, eaves and gutters from the boundary.

A surveyor will also check any easements, covenants or restrictions that are on the land title, and advise you if the property complies with the terms of those dealings.

Your solicitor will usually recommend that a survey be carried out when you purchase a house. However, it is even more crucial if the house is located close to the boundary, as to ensure it is not encroaching on to the neighbouring land.

If you decide to obtain a survey report, you will then have the option of obtaining a council building certificate. A council building certificate is issued by the local council under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act. The certificate will warrant that, for a period of 7 years from the date of the certificate, council will not issue a notice seeking a building to be altered or demolished. You cannot apply for a council building certificate without an up to date survey report.

A survey report is not cheap but will give you the peace of mind that the house you are purchasing is located on the land you are purchasing, and not encroaching on to another person’s property.

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